Benefits of fluorescent lighting at home

Fluorescent lighting is an efficient light source for every home. They come in three major types namely cold cathode, hot cathode and electroluminescent. Each of these types is so different by features, but that’s a topic for another day. Fluorescent lighting is commonly used for the workplace, but it is increasingly becoming more and more popular in homes given its diverse advantages. 

Fluorescent lighting has been around for years. They are the most widely used light sources in the world today. They have been associated in the past with emitting harsh low-spectrum lighting which can harm our eyes, but technological advances have seen it improve to produce large spectrum lighting which is pretty close to natural light.

Fluorescent lighting comes in a range of designs. These are flush, stem or row mounted fluorescent lights. This fact is what makes them incredibly diverse. They can be used both by homeowners just looking for an efficient light source and by homeowners looking to add a more decorative touch to their homes. Fluorescent lighting such as fluorescents surface mounts has far more options for casing and decorative elements which make them perfect product for decorative shoppers.

Fluorescent lighting can be easily installed. You don’t need to hire the service of a certified electrician from Majestic Lighting Inc. They are installed on the ceiling of the room so that light elements flush with the ceiling. This helps provide good illumination of the room and complements the overall image of your home. This amount of light is great for lighting up low profile light which is ideal for high utility areas of your home such as the kitchen.

They are energy efficient and save you money since they are excellent at conserving energy. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, they stay cool while in operation which makes them a safe choice for your home. This is why many people prefer to also use fluorescent surface mounts in their homes. Over time, the amount of savings you can get by switching to fluorescent lighting will make quite an impact on your electricity bill. In fact, you can save up to 40% or more by just replacing one traditional bulb for fluorescent lighting, and plenty of savings will rack up from there.

Fluorescent lighting is flexible when it comes to applying useful strategies with its light intensity. For individuals with conditions that are affected by the amount of light density around them, fluorescent lighting can work perfectly for them given that they can be installed with covers.

The benefits of fluorescent lighting at home would not be complete without talking about its expected life span. The long life of fluorescent light is another major selling point. Fluorescent lighting goes far beyond the life of an incandescent bulb which is around 1500 hours while that of fluorescent bulbs is as low as 10,000 hours and as high as 50,000 hours. This can help cut back on the amount of maintenance and labor you have been putting on your home lighting. If you are looking for the very best of the long life of fluorescent lighting, you need to switch them out rather often.

Fluorescent lighting is the ideal kind of lighting for a home setting, no doubt about it.