Different types of Shutters for your home

Face it. Home safety and design schemes matter a great deal. Window shutters are among the most sought-after design and window safety materials because of their practicality as well as their contribution to the overall aesthetic effect of any type of home design, be it modern or classy, funky and groovy or austere. They are great accessories because they give you the option to have private moments away from the prying eyes of your neighbors or colleagues and they also allow you to enjoy the sunlight and the fresh air from your surroundings. They are also great interior companions during the winter time when you want to have the assurance that you will be protected from the frigid coldness.

There are two main types of shutters namely decorative and functional shutter, both of which comprise interior and exterior shutters. Shutters are made from different materials with respect to their intended function. Some of the main materials used to make shutters include wood, aluminum, vinyl, glass, and fabric among others. Regardless of the material you prefer, installing shutters in your home is a sure way to enhance the beauty and overall well-being of your home. All shutters have different sets of characteristics that contribute positively to any type of home design scheme. Below is a list of the most common types of shutters:

Wooden Window Shutters

The most expensive type of indoor window shutters is those that are made from wood. Albeit the price, they are in demand because they are classy and timeless. Among the cheapest type of wood ideal for them is basswood since it is more common than the expensive ones, like oak, cherry, and maple. A hazard that you would have to deal with when using them is their susceptibility to be termite-ridden. You should not worry too much, though, because treatments that were formulated specifically to prevent termites and the like from damaging wood furniture and accessories.

Aluminum Window Shutters

Those who are more practical, as well as those who want to have their indoor window shutters at really affordable prices, would usually opt for aluminum ones. They are durable and are very easy to maintain. They come in a variety of colors which makes them blend in with any type of surrounding.

Vinyl Window Shutters

Another practical choice for shutters would be those that are made from vinyl. They are perfect for tropical conditions. Another great thing about them is their ability to withstand moisture, making them perfect in places that are rainy.

4. Composite Shutters

Composite shutters are made from several materials which are assembled and milled to produce an authentic look. Due to the rugged nature of the materials, composite shutters last longer than wooden shutters.

Other shutter types based on design include Raised Panel, Louvered, Bahama Shutters, Flat Panel, Open Board and Batten, and Closed Board and Batten.

Shutters are also seen as very useful home and office accessories since they help reduce energy costs. During winter, whenever it is too cold to go out, these shutters would help in terms of keeping any place warm, thereby reducing the need to turn on heaters. During the summer, when it is too scorching outside because of the heat of the sun, opening them wide would help reduce the need to turn on the air conditioning devices. They simply are really very functional not only design-wise but energy-wise as well. Having them installed would really present a great advantage anywhere at any given time.