How to keep your lawn safe

1. Use of Non-Toxic Pesticides.One should use non-toxic pesticides when treating your lawn. Using non-toxic pesticides will not only keep off pest but also protect your family and pets from being infected by the pesticide. The best time to treat your lawn is early morning or in the evening so as to give the pesticide more time to soak while preventing evaporation find out more from

2. Use of barriers and Repellents

Barriers and repellents will help keep pest out of your lawn. They act as a wall to prevent crawling insects from accessing your lawn. You can plant some aromatic plants that certain pests do not like. Use of a repellent mulch barrier is effective and easy to prevent pest certain pest from entering your lawn. You should surround your lawn with a thick perimeter of dry mulch.

3. Use of lures and traps.

Traps attract pest by use of visual lures or food. You can capture variety of pest and keep your lawn pest free.

4. Family members and pets treatment.

Pest can attach themselves to the body and clothes of family members and pets. Once the pet or family member is in the lawn, the pest will find its way to the lawn. You should treat family members and pets with non-toxic pest repellent.

5. Type of grass.

Choose the right type of grass according to the climate you live in. Some research should be done about available pest in your area and you should choose type of grass that the pest infect least. Right type of grass also decreases your maintenance thus there is less special care required.

6. Use of Oil Spray

This is a simple method since it is a mixture of oil and soap which are available at home. The mixture coats soft body insects such as mites and aphids in oil. The soap in the mixture helps the oil to stick on the body of the pest. This is a natural method to keep your lawn pest free.

7. Use of Pepper spray.

This is another simple method of keeping off pest. One can buy from the shop or make it at home. For home made, wear gloves to prevent direct contact. Chop 3 500 ml cups of hot pepper and add to bulb of garlic mixed with cayenne pepper (1 tablespoon). Add 4 gallons of water to the mixture and stir thoroughly. Give it 24 hours before you spray to plants present in your lawn.

8. Use of beneficial insects.

You can use beneficial insects such as ladybird to prey on pest that will destroy plants present in your lawn. These beneficial insects should be given a healthy habitat in order to survive. You can accomplish this by providing them with food, water and shelter. They are effective and harmless to pets and human beings. The best beneficial insect should be selected after doing some research. You should also ask for advice from the experts.

9. Maintain Cleanness.

Another alternative of keeping pest at bay is maintaining cleanness of the compound and house as well. Food particles and dust attracts pest. The plants in your lawn should be pruned as well.