How to Pick the Right Car Repair Service

When it comes to getting, your car repaired, most people are unsure on where to go. You may read reviews online where some people are happy, some are unhappy and it can make the decision harder than before. However, here are a few tips to help you pick the right car repair service.

Don’t Choose Based on Cost

It can be costly to get your car repaired depending on the extent of damage. But this doesn’t mean that it’s a rip off. You have to take into account the parts they are using and the labour. Therefore, don’t choose the repair service based on cost. You may get quoted ten, fifty, one hundred pound cheaper elsewhere, but do you know what parts they are using? Are they brand new good quality parts? It is always good to ask before you buy and don’t skimp out when it comes to fixing your car, also make sure to check out popular garage websites before proceeding.

Ask Friends and Family

One of the best ways to pick a car repair service is by asking around. No doubt most of your friends and family have cars that they have had repaired  in the past. Ask them about their experiences. Were they positive? Did the car come out feeling new? You know that your friends and family aren’t going to lie, so this is one of the best ways to pick a service.

Get Quotes

Car repair services know that fixing cars can be costly and not everyone can just pull out their card any pay for thousands of pounds’ worth of repairs. That is why most services will often give you a free quote. This will be based on what you have described. Alternatively, take your car in and ask them to have a look and give a quote based on what they see. From here, you can decide if you are willing to spend that much and if it is worth it in the long run.

Check Reviews Online

Up to 90% of car repair services are advertised online or have a page. Checking their reviews is another way to make the decision. Look for the legitimate reviews though as people can leave bad reviews over something completely irrelevant. Therefore, check the reviews match up first before making a decision.

Dealer or Local Service

The first thing you should check when needing repairs is the dealers warranty. This may already cover the problem and save you spending money on repairs. If the warranty doesn’t cover the repairs, a lot of people prefer taking their car to the dealer as they know the parts will be brand new and made for their car. On the other hand, local services can offer the exact same job, without the dealership repair prices.

At the end of the day, picking the right car repair service can be a tricky job. However, follow the above tips and you will be able to with ease. You may have a friend that swears by a particular repair garage which will save you the stress.