Moving Homes: Importance of Changing your Address

Moving companies often advice clients to have checklists of all the things to be moved. This is to ensure that you do not lose anything when you move from one house to the other. What many people don’t know is that when you leave to a new home there is one thing you always loose; the home address of your old property. Change it with

Can you think of anyone who may need to know if you make a move from one address to another? Our answers may differ especially because of all the crime going on in the world. It would be good to disappear permanently from criminal radars.

However, it is also dangerous to live where people don’t know. For instance: in the case of emergency, you would want the ambulance to reach you as quickly as possible. How will they do that if they don’t know where you live?
Other than security the importance of changing your address when moving is a factor no one should ignore. Below are a couple of scenarios that demonstrate why.

Scenario A

You have signed up for gardening services with a certain lawn care company. You pay them monthly for their weekly services. They come to your property every week, even if you are not home. Since they have many employees random people work on your lawn and garden.

The next month you and your family move to a different street but still in the same neighborhood. But the company does not know about the change.
They continue working on the property and bill you every month. But this time you will be paying for services you did not get. You won’t get a refund because you never redirected their services to your new house.

Scenario B

The change in location of your move is significant enough to affect your cable installations. For this reason, the TV does not work when you get to your new residence.

You may not know this but satellite dishes are set to face a specific direction at specific angles. If the installation is not done according to specifications, the signal will not be sent to your receiver/decoder.

This suggests that you have to notify your provider about your new address. Depending on your location, they will advise you on what needs to be done. They will either come and set up the dish as it was on your previous property or change the direction it is facing completely.

This may not seem necessary because some operators have guides on how you can set up the dish yourself. For example: they will tell you that the dish must face 63 degrees west and 11.2 degrees north.

So, how will you know where north is? If you are positive that you know, how will you measure the slant angle of your dish relative to the imaginary horizontal line? It is much better to get a professional to do the work.
The importance of changing your address when moving homes entails more than just keeping your home items safe. There are many companies and agencies that refer to your address as a means of communicating with you, do not let your home address go unchecked.