Problems you will face when changing home addresses

1. Updating your mailing address-Tell your national mailing service like usps or whoever you have in your area that you’re moving so that when you move, you can still get all your important mail, i mean what if you forgot to update it and all of a sudden you missed important stuff like replacement documents and such, also what if a friend sends you a postcard and someone else who moved in receives it ..GOSH that would suck. In fact I had that there was bills i had been sent for my taxes at my last house and happily got contacted from the new home owner on my important documents. That is why you have to go with a service likeĀ

2. A common danger as listed above is theft of property, if you receive a check in the mail someone could easily access it and probably rob you of 20 to 30 dollars and you wouldn’t even know because you would probably forget about the fact that you forgot to update your address, i know this because it happened to me and man was i mad when i found out, one simple mistake put me, my family and my penpal who also almost put her phone number on her latest postcard which i’m glad she did because golly that could have ended horribly.

Matter of fact there was a period of time that i forgot to update my address and man was i Mad when i found out that all my “Entertainment”Magazine subscriptions were still being sent to a Ms.Jessica Rose who kindly decided to shred the “troublesome” magazines as she called them because they simply didn’t belong to her and she had no use for other people’s garbage, her words not mine.

3. Update your address on online shopping sites like Wish or Amazon or if you can handle the temptation don’t order nothing till you’re positive about your updated and new and improved mailing address and then go ahead and browse wish, surf amazon or dig around on Ali express for a while till you find something and go crazy.

Review your billing address because we all have bills especially me, your fellow human, and most of these sites won’t take the excuse”Oh i forgot to update my umm home address, so sorry ma’am or sir”.
because they automatically expect you to have this stuff backed up and written down and printed and sent to them so that they’ll know where to send there little papers of torture that demand money to you.

When changing your home address make sure to alert all your friends and family of the changes and to help guide them to the right direction so that your family won’t end up in Ms.Rose’s yard cause that would suck.

In conclusion as long as you’re intelligent and smart and you know how to type and write then you’ll be fine i promise.