Tips on dealing with a lost child’s social security card.

In the U.S federal government the social security numbers are very important for both the adults and children residing there. If you are assigned the social security number (SSN) then it means you have the permission to work in the United States of America as seen on For your child the SSN number is of great importance since it will help you in claiming tax breaks related to your child such as child tax credit and the dependent exemption. Your child’s SSN number is also important in helping you add him or her to your health insurance cover or plan, applying for government benefits related to him or her and also setting up a college savings bank account for him.

If you had your child’s SSN card lost or stolen you should replace immediately so as to continue enjoying the above stated benefits that comes along with it. A child is generally a person who is below the age of adult hood.

Tips on dealing with a lost child’s social security card

For children between the ages of 12-18 years they can personally request for the replacement provided they have valid ID documents. These ID documents include;

•The child’s unexpired driver’s license, US passport or a state ID.

•A private medical card or insurance card showing their name and date of birth.

•A letter from a doctor that has been duly signed by the sated doctor and which contains their name and date of birth.

•A printed school record that has been signed by a school official from the current school which shows their name and date of birth.

•A current school ID card.

However the case is quite different for children below the age of 12. Several steps have to be followed and they include the following.

•Gather the necessary documents to prove your child’s identity, immigration status if he or she is not a US citizen and documents related to their US citizenship if at all you have not established their US citizenship with SSA.

•Gather all documents that proves your identity as well as your custody or relationship with that particular child.

•Complete the social security form that is form SS-5.

•You can then hand deliver or mail your complete replacement application form together with the other necessary and supporting documents to your nearest social security office.

When submitting the replacement request forms always ensure that the documents are the originals or copies that have been certified by the agencies issuing them. All documents that have been mailed to the social security offices are usually returned along with a receipt. SSA do not accept any photocopies for its processes.

The social security card in question will then be mailed to you upon verification of all the required documents. This should take about 10 business days from the day your documents were received. The SSA do not usually charge for card replacements but there is a limit of the number of times you can replace it. You can only request for a replacement of your card or your child’s card only 3 times in a calendar year or 10 times in your life time. Your replaced card will have the same social security number as the previous one.

Currently there are 3rd parties who are playing a great role in helping you with your social security card replacement at a small service fee. For those who are conversant with the social security systems and requirements, you can also do it on your own.

Always ensure that you have your social security card or your Child’s social security card with you if you are within the US federal government territorial boundaries.