Tips on keeping your furnace clean

Furnace cleaning is a very important part of its maintenance. Proper cleaning and maintenance is necessary to ward off the cold, make home energy efficient and keep heating bills low. Following are some important tips fromĀ calgary humidifier repair that can help you to clean and maintain your furnace in efficient condition.

# 1 Turn Off Power and Gas Supply and Start Cleaning With Basics
It’s really important to analyse and perform checkups once a year on your natural furnace. Routine cleaning and maintenance is an effective way to ward off the cold, make home energy efficient and keep heating bills low. So, it will be really great for you to do annual checkups and routine cleaning.If you have no idea about turning off the power and gas properly or unsure about maintenance and cleaning process you can consult any professionals.

# 2 Cleaning Interior Parts
Open each access panel and clean out debris, dust and dirt around the motor and burner, from mechanical parts and inside the burner compartment with the help of an wet/dry vacuum. Use vacuum’s brush attachment for effective cleaning of fan blades, and general debris removal. Use crevice tools to clean those areas that are hard to reach. It’s important to do it carefully so that any of the wires don’t get disconnected while cleaning interior compartments with brush or vacuum.Once you clean the parts with vacuum, use a slight damp cloth to wipe everything down. Check all the wires and connections and use a screwdriver to tighten its loose terminals. You can use any small sized brush or old toothbrush to remove stubborn dusts and debris from the fans or any other parts.

# 3 Cleaning Furnace Ducts
You can use a high power vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to clean ducts thoroughly. HEPA filters have the ability to prevent the scattering of large amount dusts throughout your house. If you are using a forced-air furnace, it’s important to vacuum ducts regularly. If you are using a furnace with built-in humidifier, to ensure its proper functionality it’s necessary to clean it with descaler.With the help of a large scrub brush clean exterior parts of all registers and vents around your home. Use a screwdriver to remove the cover of vent and clean its interior area with the help of a high-powered vacuum cleaner and HEPA filter. Don’t forget to replace the vent cover when done.

# 4 Cleaning Furnace Filters
There are various models and designs available but each of them has access panels that you can open or remove to reach the furnace filters. You can replace the disposable filters with new one or if you have washable filters you can remove them from your furnace and clean them with water and mild detergents. Once they get completely dry put them back in.It’s important to check your filters every month and replace them whenever replacement is needed throughout the year.

# 5 Test Run Your Furnace
After cleaning your furnace thoroughly, close each of the access panels and turn on power and gas. Run your furnace for few minutes and check if there is any noise that doesn’t sound right. Carefully observe and check if there is any smell like burning. If you find anything unsatisfactory or any sign of danger or shock, shut down the furnace immediately and investigate.After all the above procedures, your burner is projecting yellow flames instead of blue flames, it means they contain huge oxygen amount that need to be serviced or adjusted. If you don’t have any idea about fixing it, it will be great for you to call a professional.BottomlineFinally, you have fine-tuned your furnace and its ready to ward off the cold. You can clean your furnace effectively by following the above given tips and procedures carefully. It’s important to clean your furnace safely and carefully as there is risk of shock.